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- Regular papers -

MPI-3 and Scalability
Title / Authors
Implementing the MPI-3.0 Fortran 2008 Binding
Junchao Zhang, Bill Long, Kenneth Raffenetti and Pavan Balaji
Scalable MPI-3.0 RMA on the Blue Gene/Q Supercomputer
Sameer Kumar and Michael Blocksome
Intra-Epoch Message Scheduling To Exploit Unused or Residual Overlapping Potential
Judicael A. Zounmevo and Ahmad Afsahi
PMI Extensions for Scalable MPI Startup
Sourav Chakraborty, Hari Subramoni, Jonathan Perkins, Adam Moody, Mark Arnold and Dhabaleswar K. Panda

Datatypes and Collectives
Title / Authors
MPI Collectives and Datatypes for hierarchical All-to-all Communication
Jesper Larsson Träff and Antoine Rougier
Optimal MPI datatype normalization for vector and index-block types
Jesper Larsson Träff
Zero-copy, hierarchical Gather is not possible with MPI Datatypes and Collectives
Jesper Larsson Träff and Antoine Rougier
GPU-Aware Intranode MPI_Allreduce
Iman Faraji and Ahmad Afsahi

Fault Tolerance
Title / Authors
Toward Local Failure Local Recovery Resilience Model using MPI-ULFM
Keita Teranishi and Michael A. Heroux
Evaluating User-Level Fault Tolerance for MPI Applications
Ignacio Laguna, David F. Richards, Todd Gamblin, Martin Schulz and Bronis R. de Supinski
Comparing, Contrasting, Generalizing, and Integrating Two Current Designs for Fault-Tolerant MPI
Amin Hassani, Anthony Skjellum, Ron Brightwell and Purushotham V. Bangalore

Benchmarking and Application
Title / Authors
Reproducible MPI Micro-Benchmarking Isn't As Easy As You Think
Sascha Hunold, Alexandra Carpen-Amarie and Jesper Larsson Träff
Exploring the effect of noise on the performance benefit of nonblocking allreduce
Patrick Widener, Kurt B. Ferreira, Scott Levy and Torsten Hoefler
A Portable Petascale Framework for Efficient Particle Methods with Custom Interactions
Andreas Schäfer, Thomas Heller and Dietmar Fey

Performance Monitoring and Verification
Title / Authors
Exploring the Capabilities of the New MPI_T Interface
Tanzima Islam, Kathryn Mohror and Martin Schulz
Understanding the Memory-Utilization of MPI Libraries: Challenges and Designs in Implementing the MPI_T Interface
Raghunath Rajachandrasekar, Jonathan Perkins, Khaled Hamidouche, Mark Arnold and Dhabaleswar K. Panda
Catching Idlers with Ease: A Lightweight Wait-State Profiler for MPI Programs
Guoyong Mao, David Böhme, Marc-André Hermanns, Markus Geimer, Daniel Lorenz and Felix Wolf
Distributed Behavioral Cartography of Timed Automata
Étienne André, Camille Coti and Sami Evangelista

- Poster papers -

Title / Authors
P1. Locality-Optimized Mixed Static/Dynamic Scheduling for Load Balancing on SMPs
Vivek Kale, Amanda Randles and William D. Gropp
P2. Tracing Data Movements within MPI Collectives
Kevin Brown, Jens Domke and Satoshi Matsuoka
P3. Eliminating Costs for Crossing Process Boundary from MPI Intra-node Communication
Akio Shimada, Atsushi Hori and Yutaka Ishikawa
P4. Optimizing Collective Operations in Hybrid Applications
Aurèle Maheo, Patrick Carribault, Marc Pérache and William Jalby
P5. Optimizing One-sided Operations in Open MPI
Nathan Hjelm
P6. A Graphical Environment for Development of MPI Applications
Jose Luis Quiroz-Fabián, Graciela Román-Alonso, Miguel A. Castro-García, Jorge Buenabad-Chávez and Manuel Aguilar-Cornejo